Shortcode Options

  1. id (int): Enter Facebook ID for Page, profile or group of which you want to show event in the calendar. If not passed, default ID from plugin admin page would be used instead.
    [fb-cal id="12345667890"]
  2. show_event_calendar (yes/no) (default: yes): Display Calendar dates above events list.
    [fb-cal show_event_calendar="yes"]
  3. show_event_cover (yes/no) (default: yes): Display Event cover page in the event list.
    [fb-cal show_event_cover="yes"]
  4. show_event_date (yes/no) (default: yes): Display Event date in the event list.
    [fb-cal show_event_date="yes"]
  5. show_event_venue (yes/no) (default: yes): Display Event venue/location in the event list.
    [fb-cal show_event_venue="yes"]
  6. hide_past_events (yes/no) (default: no): Hide past events from the calendar.
    [fb-cal hide_past_events="no"]
  7. show_event_map (yes/no) (default: yes): Show event map link and in event popup if enabled
    [fb-cal show_event_map="yes"]
  8. show_in_popup (yes/no) (default: yes): Show event detail in popup or else open Facebook Event page in new window/tab
    [fb-cal show_in_popup="yes"]
  9. mode (default/list) (default: default): Display mode for calendar
    [fb-cal mode="calendar"]
  10. show_upcoming (yes/no) (default: no): Show Upcoming events instead of calendar view. When set to yes, calendar options(show_event_calendar) will be ignored.
    [fb-cal show_upcoming="yes"]
  11. upcoming_upto (default: 3 months): Human readable date of events upto when to display.
  12. event_count (default: all): How many events to show in upcoming events display.